2.8 million people have been displaced in Syria. The United States is still supporting Israel’s attack on Gaza (with no defense and their hospitals shutting down, roughly 25% of the deaths have been children). Russia has been training and arming a rebel force, setting up the circumstances for the Malaysia flight to be shot down (they’re claiming no direct involvement, naturally). This is noooot okay guys. What is happening to our planet? 

Reading up on New York (there’s nothing else to do, it’s hot, I’m broke, etc) and seeing places or things mentioned in each article that I recognize. Post New York Depression is so real tonight. The sinkhole in the LES outside of Katz’s Delicatessen, Halal Guy, Duane Reade. 8 months is too long. Get me out of here.

Every moment of weakness, every workout I skip, every time I eat shitty food, is one day prolonging my progress of becoming hot enough to live in NYC. This is why I was doing bear crawls up a fucking hill at boot camp this morning at 6:30am. 

I need to be hot. I have like 8-10 months to figure it out.